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Justice for Families (JFF) is a working group of Black Lives Matter:Chicago. We are 100% volunteer run and are committed to working with families impacted by police and state violence. JFF designs campaigns, strategies, and direct actions with families so they can fight for justice for their loved ones. We provide safe healing spaces for families to talk about their experiences and console each other.

The work not shown in media portrayals of #BlackLivesMatter, is the relationship building and communal healing work that we do as part of Justice For Families. Poverty is one of the biggest forms of violence that we face, which helps in shaping the conditions in which violence, crime and police occupation occur. We work in collaboration with other organizations to create safe and loving spaces for families who have lost loved ones. We also provide financial support for families struggling to cover funeral costs, court fees, pay bills, buy groceries and cover living expenses. Most of our families come from low income neighborhoods and have to deal with survival living. We need your help in alleviating some of the stress and trauma that comes with dealing with loss while fighting to feed, house and clothe remaining family members while barely making ends meet.

The number of people in which we service has grown tremendously. This is because families who have lost loved ones to police violence are members of JFF and continually work to embrace others who have also lost loved ones. The types of violence are varied and include: intracommunal violence, gun violence, interpersonal violence, domestic violence and sexual assault. We often find that the intersections of this violence happens in multiple ways to the same family and community. They are not separate but are equally harmful to our collective well being and quality of life. By supporting and donating to Justice For Families, you are contributing to improving someone's life and giving them the opportunity to thrive and be happy.

This community that we are creating is reimagining how we show up for and support one another. We are proud that it's based in Black love and Black power, Asé!


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